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Gate Installations

When walking the paths of West Berkshire you're quite likely to come across one of the gates or other structures we've installed. Our team was started by Colin Honeybone in July 2004 and ably led by him until August 2017. The 250th installation was done in July 2016 - we have now done 285 as of July 2018 and are working towards our 300th.

The work programme primarily involves replacing stiles with gates, though sometimes an existing gate may need repair or replacement and occasionally other types of structures are installed. West Berkshire Council (as the highway authority) usually agrees the arrangements with the landowner and provides the materials; we provide the labour. Colin added the artistic flourishes where required! 

As part of our 50th Birthday Celebrations in 2017 we also installed some gates to improve public access on sites within West Berkshire owned or managed by Berks Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust.

If you'd like to get involved, please contact Fiona Walker, our work party coordinator.

Key achievements have been

Installation Date Location Grid Ref.
1st 30th July 2004 Prosperous, Hungerford  
25th 21st October 2005 Stratfield Mortimer SU660630
50th 15th December 2006  Rood Hill, Boxford SU423716
100th 24th July 2009 Boxford Common SU440717
150th 11th November 2011 Bockhampton, Lambourn SU339779
200th 14th February 2014 A4 West of Hungerford SU330689
250th 1st July 2016 Rushall Farm, Bradfield SU588729

Photographs of some of our handiwork

PB115125 Gate150 tb Gate 200 14Feb2014 tb DSC00161 FWgate tb DSCN4710 hstile etc2009 tb

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