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About our walks programme

We publish a programme / newsletter three times a year, towards the end of April, August and December, detailing the walks for the following four months. It is posted or emailed to all group members and to other Ramblers members who have registered with us.

The details of the normal walks are accessible online via this website and the Ramblers Walk Finder from about a month beforehand, and unless the details say otherwise you can just turn up at the meeting point on the day. Details of the coach walks (for which pre-booking is required) are listed separately in the programme and on this website.

We arrange four or more walks most weeks - many are within our home territory but we often venture further afield. There can be variations, particularly at holiday times, but the general form of the programme is currently:

  • A morning walk of 5 to 6 miles each Tuesday.
  • An all-day walk of 9 to 12 miles most Thursdays, often offering the option of a pub lunch.
  • A short walk of 4 to 6 miles and a longer walk of 7 to 12 miles most weekends (Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday, sometimes as part of a coach excursion - see below).
  • A brisk walk of 4 to 6 miles based on a pub on some summer Wednesday evenings (May to August).
  • A monthly coach excursion between April and September offering a choice of walk distances between 6 and 12 miles to a destination town or city, also the option for non-walking partners and those who would like a shorter walk to spend the day at the destination.
  • A selection of other walks depending on the availability of leaders.

Occasionally we may add walks after the programme has been published. We try to avoid changing or cancelling any published walk but sometimes this may be unavoidable and you should check this website for the possibility, particularly if there is (or has recently been) adverse weather. We try to notify all members for whom we have an e-mail address of any changes to the published programme.

Members of the group are also able to join the walks of other Ramblers groups if they wish. The online Walk Finder makes it easy to identify walks of a particular type, on a particular date, or in a particular area, and regardless of the group organising them.

As most of our walks start at a rural location please do not leave items on display in your car and ensure it is locked. See the Hampshire police operation Falcon notice, here, for further information.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018