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Walks in the Kennet Valley and Beyond

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Walks in the Kennet Valley and Beyond was published in 2010 and features:

  • Most walks start from the towns and villages in the valley. Car parking is clearly indicated on the maps but all the walks can also be reached by public transport (though some of the information on this in the book, particularly that relating to buses, is now out of date). The information on the maps also includes viewpoints, inclines, features of interest and pubs.
  • 20 different walks are described - variations on these offer a total of over 40 options. All the walks are circular - short options are in the range 2.5 to 5 miles and longer ones in the range 5 to 9.5 miles.
  • The spiral bound format enables map and instructions to be seen together, and the book's A5 size means that it will fit into most map cases while open.
  • It is printed on waterproof paper, so getting it damp should not cause any problems.

To order see the main Information -> Books page on this website.

Amendments as at November 2018 (this list may not be complete - please let our Secretary know if you become aware of any others that ought to be recorded):

  • Inside front cover: If you can you should report problems on rights of way in West Berkshire online via the 'Report a Problem' service at www.westberks.org.uk.
  • Page 3 - Trains: Services between Reading and Bedwyn are subject to significant disruption while the line is being electrified (the work is due to be completed in early 2019).
  • Page 3 - Buses: Local buses have been subject to major changes and cutbacks in recent years and it isn't practical to detail them here, especially when further changes are liable to occur at short notice. Please use online (click here) or telephone enquiry services to check on the routes now operating in the area you are interested in.
  • Page 46: Please refer to the About Us -> Contacts page on this website for up-to-date contact information for West Berks Ramblers.
  • Route information - stiles and gates: We are cooperating with West Berkshire Council in a programme to replace stiles by gates and you may find that where a route description refers to a stile there is now a gate. We are not attempting to record individual changes of this nature here - if you wish, for example, to establish whether a route you would like to follow now has no stiles, West Berkshire Council has online mapping available (click here and zoom in to the area of interest) which indicates the locations of gates (orange triangles), stiles (blue triangles) and steps (red triangles) and is kept reasonably up to date, though there are stiles that can in practice be bypassed which are still shown.
Wednesday, December 19, 2018