West Berks Ramblers

Working for Walkers

2017 Treasurer

Treasurer's Report - 1st October 2016 to 30th September 2017

Presented at the AGM held on Friday 17th November 2017 in the Mencap Hall Newbury

MAIN ACCOUNT Balance at 30.9.2017 £988.33


We have used the basic allowance of £441.56 from Ramblers again this year and have also benefited from the 3 adverts in the programmes, along with the Ramblers Walking Holidays nominations made by our group members.
Book sales were £110.50, thanks to everyone concerned.


The 3 programmes continue to be our largest expenditure with Printing at £386.00 and postage £527.50.

SOCIAL ACCOUNT Balance at 30.9.2017 £2453.24

The Coach Walks have been well supported again this, but will run at a small loss. It has been decided with the organising team and committee to increase the cost per person to £12.00 for the next financial year.
From the Social Account balance at 30.9.2017, £766 is ring fenced for the remaining 2 coach walk payments for 2017.

The H.F holiday has again been enjoyed this year, thanks to Richard for organising it all.

Our 4 socials made an overall profit of £123.79 , thanks to everyone for their efforts.


My grateful thanks to Jane Pike for examining our accounts again this year.

Ann Cloud

 Brought forward £1,183.94       
 Book sales £110.50     Programme printing £386.00 
 Ramblers basic allowance £441.56     Programme postage £527.50 
 Advertising income £300.00     A.G.M £90.49 
 Ramblers World Wide £120.00     Admin £8.34 
 Non member programmes £15.00     C.P.R.E annual subscription £36.00 
       Celebration Plaque £119.34 
 Bank Interest      First Aid Course £15.00 
 Total £2,171.00     Total £1,182.67 
 Brought forward £2,111.20       
 Coach Walks £2,830.00     Coach Walks £2,680.00 
 H.F.Holidays £8,288.50     H.F Holidays £8,220.25 
 Socials £924.04     Socials £800.25 
 Bank Interest        
 Total £14,153.74     Total £11,700.50 
       SOCIAL ACCOUNT TOTAL £2,453.24 


Kennet Valley book stocks 

1046 books @ £2.81 = £2939.26

Wednesday, December 19, 2018