West Berks Ramblers

Working for Walkers

2016 Treasurer

Treasurer's Report - 1st October 2015 to 30th September 2016

Presented at the AGM held on Friday 11th November 2016 in the Mencap Hall Newbury

MAIN ACCOUNT Balance at 30.9.2016 £1183.94


We have used the basic allowance of £440 from Ramblers again this year and have also benefited from the 3 adverts in the programmes, along with the Ramblers Walking Holidays nominations made by our group members.

Book sales were £125.00, thanks to everyone concerned.


The programmes continue to be our largest expenditure with printing at £343.00 and postage £546.45.

SOCIAL ACCOUNT Balance at 30.9.2016 £2111. 20

The Coach Walks have been successful again this year, with thanks to the organising team. Income and Expenditure for the remaining December trip will appear in the next financial year.

The committee has again taken the decision for the £10.00 charge to remain.

H.F holidays, organised by Richard are showing a loss in this finacial year, but it is only due to the £1111.50 payment of next years holiday deposit.

Our 3 socials made an overall profit of £220.23 , thanks to everyone for their efforts.


My grateful thanks to Jane Pike for examining our accounts again this year.

Ann Cloud

 Brought forward £1,196.47       
 Book sales £122.00     Programme printing £343.00 
 Ramblers basic allowance £440.00     Programme postage £546.45 
 Advertising income £300.00     A.G.M £88.17 
 Ramblers World Wide £190.00     Admin £46.98 
 Account transfer ( book) £3.00     C.P.R.E annual subscription £36.00 
 Non member programmes £12.00     Waterways Festival pitch £20.00 
 Bank Interest £1.07       
 Total £2,264.54     Total £1,080.60 
      CURRENT ACCOUNT TOTAL £1,183.94 
 Brought forward £2,402.77       
 Coach Walks £3,000.00     Coach Walks £2,695.00 
 H.F.Holidays £10,014.25     H.F Holidays £10,833.50 
 Socials £569.65     Socials £349.42 
 Account transfer (book) £3.00     Account transfer (book) £3.00 
 Bank Interest £2.45       
 Total £15,992.12     Total £13,880.92 
       SOCIAL ACCOUNT TOTAL £2,111.20 


Kennet Valley book stocks 

1078 books @ £2.83 = £3050.74

Wednesday, December 19, 2018