West Berks Ramblers

Working for Walkers

2016 RWP

Ramblers Work Party Report

Presented at the AGM held on Friday 11th November 2016 at the Mencap Hall Newbury

We have had a successful year with only two sessions lost to bad weather but this was made up with two extra sessions to make up for lost time. We managed to walk and report on eleven parishes which is approximately 17% of the West Berkshire parishes. This is slightly lower than a usual year because the vegetation growth has been so vigorous we were asked to clear four overgrown paths. This group activity is probably the most satisfying element of what we do.

We were also asked by the RoW office to survey the eight recreational routes. This is very detailed and time consuming and eleven volunteers undertook this task which turned out to be interesting and rewarding. A further six volunteers surveyed the Lambourn Valley Way which was a very useful activity as the LVW is twenty five next year and Sallie Jennings has agreed to make the trail, technically, stile free.

The gate project was the star of the year with the 250th gate being put in on 1st July at Rushall Farm and since then the 258th gate has gone in. Colin Honeybone is retiring from the project sometime during 2017. Colin’s contribution has been magnificent and it is to be remembered that he was at every gate. Another change to the gate project is that from December onwards only one gate will be put in a month. Organizing the installation of the gates is time consuming for the officer concerned with the most of the obvious stile problems removed. However, twelve gates a year will make a steady contribution towards making walking in our area easier. Currently the members involved with the gates are seeking ways to continue the project.

Fiona Walker

Wednesday, December 19, 2018