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2016 Footpath West

Footpath Secretary (West) Report

Presented at the AGM held on Friday 11th November 2016 in the Mencap Hall Newbury

Inkpen FP14 (part) and Inkpen FP22 (part)

This year I do not have too much to report on but will start with a couple of footpaths at Inkpen.

In 2004 at Manor Farm in Inkpen, the Ministry of Transport diverted a length of road which unfortunately left a cul-de-sac footpath and two gaps in the public footpath network. I have received three orders which have now been recently confirmed and will correct this anomaly. They are a creation order for Footpath 22 Inkpen (part) and a creation order for Footpath 14 Inkpen (part).

Welford 16 (part)

I have received one request for a diversion this year and that is to divert part of FP16 Welford at Elton Farm, Weston. The proposed route would run along a section of the old dismantled Lambourn Valley Railway and the path itself forms part of the Lambourn Valley Way. The applicant has made the application on the basis that it will improve Health & Safety by taking walkers on a route away from the working farmyard.

We can see no real reason to object to this diversion although I am personally suspicious that Health & Safety is not the real reason behind this especially when you realise there is a brand-new housing estate adjacent to the site!

Neal Pike

Wednesday, December 19, 2018